Quick-Set’s automatic machines for faster, cleaner and more reliable production

Our patented automatic machines for installing tube end-fittings can handle pipe dimensions up to 2 inches. There are two main types of plugs, one for fully-automatic plugging and one for fully-automatic capping. We keep parts of the machines in stock as basic modules, to ensure fast delivery.

Each individual module is modified to meet the customer’s special requirements, and is assembled on site on the customer’s production line. Plugs and caps for the machines are delivered linked together in bands. This makes for faster, cleaner and more efficient handling compared with fitting loose plugs. For end-fittings for tubes in smaller production runs, we offer a number of simpler alternatives, including semi-automatic plug pistols for the workbench.

Capping machine for hydraulic tubing Bench version of capping machine Complete capping machine with adjustable table and dust guard
Plugging machine for standard tubes